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ConCuerpos was invited to participate in this wonderful event held in Montevideo, Uruguay, from October 18th to 21st, 2022. As described on the Goethe Institute website, "Gathering in a Better World" seeks to create a global network for artists with functional diversity or in a situation of disability, for whom there are hardly any structures or offers.In the framework of the project, the artists devise opportunities for meeting and networking, as well as creative spaces, in different artistic disciplines and for a wide public with and without functional diversity or in a situation of disability"

We were invited to present our work IRA at the Teatro Solís on October 18th. We had a very beautiful presentation that also gave rise to thinking about the accessibility of the theater.

Later, from October 19 to 21, we led a laboratory together with the Bendito Teatro Company (Chile). This was a space for exchange and experimentation around the question of how to integrate accessibility tools into creative processes, in such a way that the works we create have a commitment to universal accessibility. We experimented with the interaction between sign language and dance, as well as creative audio descriptions. In the group there was artists with and without disabilities from the region, who stood out for their creativity and depth in their reflections. As a closure of the laboratory, we did an urban intervention in front of the Solís theater:

Finally, we participated in a very interesting conversation where we learned about other experiences of inclusion and accessibility.

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