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I am an artist interested in expanding what dance can be by breaking down barriers of participation and involving different languages. I believe in the strength of the collective and I understand art as a tool to generate positive change in society. 


Laisvie Andrea Ochoa is a Colombian-Lithuanian choreographer, inclusive dance expert, and video artist. She is the leader of ConCuerpos, the pioneer inclusive dance company in Colombia where mixable dancers come together to develop artistic, educational, and research projects. She studied Psychology and a Specialization in Multimedia Creation in Colombia. In the Netherlands, she studied the Master in Choreography COMMA (CODARTS / Fontys) and the Embodied Life Art Program (ELAP), a somatic-based trajectory of 2 years. She trained in dance mainly at Danza Comun Academy in Bogota and has been a dancer in the Netherlands for the companies Tinaninani, Plan D, and Misiconi, and for the Colombian companies La Arenera (Dir: Margarita Roa), Tercero Excluido (Dir: Natalia Orozco), Korpe (Dir: Edwin Vargas), La Gata Cirko (Dir: Felipe Ortiz and Luisa Montoya). Laisvie is a member of the performing arts magazine El cuerpoeSpin and she has co-written 2 books in the field of Inclusive Dance. Laisvie has worked as a choreographer and/or video artist in Colombia, Argentina, and The Netherlands. Her creative exploration is based on working from subjectivity, developing bodily intelligence from a state of listening and finding creative freedom from the abundance of imagination. Laisvie addresses political and human issues in her works, creating multimedia performances that often involve live video projection. Currently, Laisvie is developing an artistic research on accessibility in dance, seeking to create a stage language that allows the autonomous participation of people with visual and hearing impairments as an audience. This means integrating elements such as subtitles, audio description, and Sign Language within the dramaturgy of the work with the interest to use these tools as means of expression. At the moment she moves between Colombia and the Netherlands, continuing her work with ConCuerpos, being a dancer, teacher, and maker.

Work Portfolio 2017



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