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I offer these workshops focusing on playfulness, discovery, and connection. Please let me know if you want me to share with you:

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Floorwork & Partnering

Discover the floor as your ultimate dance partner. Inspired by the dynamic techniques of Flying Low by David Zambrano and Piso Móvil (Mobile Floor) by Colombia's Cortocinesis, this workshop invites you to explore an expressive and grounded style of movement. Become one with the floor as you embody the fluidity of tongues, the agility of felines, and the mesmerizing motion of spiral galaxies. An experience that will transform the way you move and connect with your environment.


Inclusive Dance

Dive into the joy of movement and discover the limitless possibilities of your body's unique expression in my inclusive dance workshop. Cultivate a deeper connection with your body through somatic practices and connect to the pleasure of dancing. Experiment with composition tools and creative exercises that allow you to embrace freedom and joy. Discover different ways to connect, collaborate, and create with others in  a welcoming space where everyone, regardless of ability or experience level, can fully participate and thrive.   


I also offer a teacher training workshop on inclusive dance. In Colombia this workshop is offered by ConCuerpos once a year. 

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Video Partnering

Step into an innovative dance experience with this Video Partnering workshop. Drawing from my creative journey with dance and video projection, this workshop aims to craft dynamic choreographic interactions between live dancers and their projected counterparts. Explore the fusion of physical and digital realms, creating  choreographies that blend reality and illusion.

I teach regularly at  

 Danscentrum Utrecht

Mondays - Floorwork

17-18:15h (Beginners)

18:15 - 19:45h (Intermedium)


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