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I love to teach floorwork, inclusive dance, and video partnering. Three very different workshops but with the same focus on fun, discovery, and connection.  Please let me know if you want me to share with you:

At the moment I teach my Floorwork class at

 Danscentrum Utrecht on Mondays 

17-18 h (Beginners)

18 - 19:30h (Intermedium)

Amsterdam Dance Center on Thursdays 19:00 - 20:30h (Intermedium - Advanced)

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The floor as your dance partner. I am influenced by techniques such as Flying Low (David Zambrano) and Piso Movil (Mobile Floor developed by the Colombian company Cortocinesis). We will be letting go, push, pull, slide, roll, circulate, and flow.


Inclusive Dance

The main objective of my inclusive dance class is for the participants to find a better understanding of their body and their movement possibilities, recognizing their uniqueness within the group. In this way, each person gains more freedom and pleasure in movement, while finding ways to connect and create with others.

We will experiment and create new ways of moving through specific work guidelines, using awareness, improvisation, and composition tools.

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Video Partnering

I'm developing this interesting workshop drawing from my creative experience with dance and video projection. The objective is to create choreographic interactions between live and projected dancers.

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