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I also have been writing about dance for a long time, so here you can find my books and articles. Most of them are in Spanish, but my Expositions are in English and online!


PortadaCuerpos Potentes copy.jpg
Cuerpos Potentes (Potent Bodies)

This book presents the philosophy and pedagogical approach to inclusive practice that ConCuerpos has developed since 2007. Different types of writings are used to present reflections, practices, and experiences from the different people that have been part of the project along the years. 

Publication of La Bienal de Cali and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, 
Incluyendo al Cuerpo (Including the body)

Handbook for dance teachers that work with children with and without disabilities.

Publication of ConCuerpos, funded by Fundación Mi Sangre. ISBN 978-958-99953-0-3. 2011


Cancionero para la Ausencia (Songs for abscene)

Creation and research project on how to do artistic audio description to creat accesible dance works.

With ConCuerpos Dnce Comaony
Trees & Ballons 

Practice-led research project on how to create somatic-based, inclusive, and accessible dance works.

Wolfe 78.jpg
Wolfe and Libertad 

A practice-led research project that combines choreographic and cinematographic ways of working with the aim to locate sources of female strength. 

Final work of the Master in Choreography COMMA (Fontys-Codarts)

A story of dance and love from a distance,
An artistic investigation on telematic dance,
A way to survive isolation in pandemic times,



Documentation of the creative process of the dance work IRA by ConCuerpos inclusive dance company.

Bitacora Diana Leon.png
How to be a professional-level dancer in the field of inclusive dance?

Documentation of the practical research developed by ConCuerpos in 2020 on creating personalized training systems, responding to the necessities of each unique body. 



Contemporary inclusive dance: between blur and zoom

Revista “La Tadeo” No 7.  ISSN No.  0120-5250. 2012 Pag. 103.

Entre tanto entreno, un documental escrito sobre el cuerpo del circo

A train of thought when training, a written documentary about the body in circus.

Revista de artes escénicas “El cuerpoeSpin”. Número 0. ISSN 2145-3667. Pag 4.

Article about the Latin American Gathering of Dance and Integration 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

El cuerpoeSpin magazine.

Full spaces, empty spaces. From integration to non-exclusion in dance

  • Tránsitos 1 revista digital. Publicación de IDARTES-Alambique. ISBN 978-958-57259-0-4 Pag 31.

  • Revista de artes escénicas “El cuerpoeSpin”. Número 6. ISSN 2145-3667. Pag 39

Join the revolution: fall in love with the movement

Revista de artes escénicas “El cuerpoeSpin”. 2009

Article about the history of video dance and the particularities of this new medium of expression. 

iLetrada Revista de Capital Cultural. No 22. 

Hold to Release, a question that goes back and forth between psychoanalysis and improvisation of movement in contemporary dance.

Revista de artes escénicas “El cuerpoeSpin”. Número 3. ISSN 2145-3667. Pag 8.

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