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I am committed to the continued progress of disability justice, supporting artists with a disability to make dance more accessible. My collaborative work in this field challenges traditional notions about the body and expands what dance can be.


Since 2007 I direct ConCuerpos, the pioneering inclusive dance company in Colombia where artists with and without disabilities come together to develop artistic, educational, and research projects.


In addition, I am part of the Latin American Dance and Accessibility Network and was the Artistic Director of the III Latin American Dance and Inclusion Gathering 2020, a telematic hug.

Also, in collaboration with Diana León, I have developed a training workshop for instructors in inclusive dance, which we offer every year in Colombia, and by invitation in other countries.

Current research:

At the moment I'm interested in developing an artistic language based on the notion of Universal Accessibility. This means integrating Sign Language and audio description as expressive means within the dramaturgy of the work.

Within this research, I have developed different ways to relate Sign Language and choreography. The aim is to enhance the kinetic aspect of this language in a way that signs and gestures are expanded in terms of space, dimension, speed, and the interconnection of body parts between dancers.

Documentary about the creation of IRA 2021