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dance & video projection performance

Choreographer & video artist: Laisvie Andrea Ochoa

Performers: Giorgia Belotti, Alice Gioria & Ewa Sikorska. 

Music: Enrico Meijer

Artistic coach: Liat Magnezy

Dramaturgy: Hans Tim

Duration: 40 min

Part of the Master in Choreography COMMA


Created in DinO Dans in Ontwikkeling. Residency at Ruimte in Beweging 



WolFloW is a dance performance that gives shape to a strong female universe. Following the connection between wolfs and woman presented by author Clarissa Pinkola, the performers become a pack and express some faces of the wild women archetype.

Also, the work addresses the history of the feminist struggle from a subjective perspective, connecting the lives of our grandmothers and mothers to our own. 

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