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Danza Sin Fronteras Company. Argentina

Director of the company: Mariana Chiliutti
Choreographer: Laisvie Andrea Ochoa
Asistant: Sergio Villalba
Production: Silvina López
Dancers: Candelaria Iocco, Gabriela Torres, Lucrecia Rossetto, Pablo Pereyra, Mariano Landa, Francisco Siquot
Realización de video y Mapping: Lucas González Canosa
Composer: Elias Lepera
Spund editing: Julian Gracia

Video projection: Lucas González Canosa
Costume: Virginia Vera
Scenography: Augusto Latorraca
Photos: Mariana Russo

Buenos Aires Argentina


Cartographies and borders get along well: all territoriality implies limits and borders, which are what mark the differences, which distinguish us from each other. But the borders are not immobile. The same as identities and differences. Each time a border is crossed, we are others. This piece arrises many questions about identity in relation to the city of Buenos Aires. It opens the broad spectrum of the aspects implied in the research of identity and the city, such as personal experiences, special places, political situations, humor and horror.


Being the task of the cartographer to give you the affections that ask for passages, he is basically expected to be involved in the intensities of his time
Suely Roinik

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