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Wolfe & Libertad
dance & video projection performance

Choreographer and video artist: Laisvie Ochoa.

Dancer: Alice Gioria.

Vocal Coach: Karin Timmerman.

Creative Technologist: Niels Janssen.

Artistic Coach: Liat Magnezy.

Music: Colin Stetson: ‘Like Wolves on the Fold’, ‘Between Water and Wind’, 'In the Clinches’, ‘Control Room’ and pre-recorded voice of the dancer mixed with Lasers: “Amsterdam Blac Koyote Remix’.

Text: The ‘We Are One’ speech is based on words from Malala Yousafzai, Severn Suzuki, Emma Gonzalez and Greta Thunberg.

The ‘3 Generation Speech’ is created by Laisvie Ochoa, Alice Gioria, Giorgia Belotti and Ewa Sikorska.

Producers: Laisvie Ochoa and DanceMotionPicture.

Duration of the piece: 40 min approx.

Disclaimer:  it contains partial nudity

Final project of the Master in Choreography COMMA (Codarts/Fontys)



The Netherlands

Wolfe and Libertad is a multimedia performance that integrates dance, spoken word and digital media. The piece presents the practical findings of the artistic research, which holds the same title and has the aim to localize sources of female strength. These sources are a wolves-inspired bodily state and the words of young women instigating social change through public speeches. These ideas are presented through a kinetic interplay between dance and real-time mapping of video projection. The work is performed by a solo dancer on stage and a video artist off stage that controls in real-time the projections. Thanks to the use of video mapping, the body becomes a shared territory for dance and projection.

The main source of inspiration is the tale “La Loba” presented by Clarissa Pinkola in her book “Women Who Run with the Wolves”. This inspired a somatic exploration about the bones (collecting bones and a comparison between the wolf and the human skeleton), the muscles power (endurance and explosion) and the teeth (protection in contrast to attack). Also, the tale is presented in the form of enhanced sing language where the dancer interacts with two digital dancers.

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