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GIROS (2015)

multimedia performance

Director and video artist: Laisvie Andrea Ochoa.

Performers: Mónica Jaramillo Sanjuan and Alejandro Penagos.

Music: Ana María Romano.

Astrophysicist: Santiago Vargas

Art: Felipe León

Projection assistant: Camilo Acosta

Thaks to: William Oliss.

Fotos: Marlen Forero and Daniela Amaya

Bogotá Colombia




The universe is movement, a constant movement of planets orbiting suns, solar systems orbiting galaxies, huge rotating molecular clouds, and hundreds of billions of bodies in a space that grows and expands from 13,800 million years ago, after a big explosion. The driving force behind these movements is gravity, it makes our feet are flat on the floor. How can we perceive and interpret in our bodies these great movements and forces?
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