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UNA MISMA COSA 2015/2016


Choreography and interpretation: Rodrigo Estrada and Laisvie Andrea Ochoa

Art: Lorena Cala

Sound: Rodrigo Estrada

Assistance: Margarita Gómez

Bogotá, Colombia 


Before here and there; before this and that, before north, or right and left; before the past and the future, and before time, beings and forms ... before everything, everything in the world-the atoms, looks and instants are malaxaban in the same thing. It may be that what incites bodies to dive into that primordial nature, to mix and to want to be the other. It is this search for the old what creates the conflict, and that, somehow, just by promoting dance.
"The same thing" is the meeting of two bodies, subject to the rule of time playing slide through a continuous, multifaceted and endless spiral; is a pulse of gravitational forces in which each is the sun the other, and finally the possibility of harmony in a universe where everything tends to collapse, to break and to distance himself from the party that was once the all of your other half.

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