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Weaving Through

Music - Dance - Objects - Video - Texts - Weaving

Marc Nukoop

Diederick van Rijsewijk

Geerte de Koe

Lux Sauer

Femke Jansen

Laisvie Andrea Ochoa

Pau Sola Masafrets

Residency at Het Huis 2023,

Utrecht, the Netherlands 

Drawing inspiration from the Greek term 'antípodas', meaning 'with feet opposite ours', the collective embraces the idea of challenging conventional perspectives and including diverse experiences from all angles.

Believing in the intrinsic value of art beyond entertainment or utility, Antípodas opposes values like efficiency, profit, and passive consumption. Their work focuses on creating rich imagery, sounds, and movement, emphasizing poetry and imagination. Shifting attention from just the mind to the whole body, they promote deep listening and shared experiences, valuing time and knowledge sharing from an inclusive, embodied viewpoint. Their approach centers on creativity and imagination, offering non-linear stories and inviting active audience engagement. They value non-hierarchical teamwork and integration into daily life, crossing traditional boundaries and categories. Strength in vulnerability and prioritizing genuine connections over perfection, with active listening and co-creation at their core.

Their first project, "Weaving Through," exemplifies this philosophy. An interactive, performative installation, it combines various media and techniques to create an immersive experience. Using natural materials collected from the surroundings, an object is woven together with seven performers weaving music, dance, text, and video into an ever-growing spatial object, leaving traces both in time and space.

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