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Saudage - Multidisciplinary project - Lab 1 2019



August 5th - 15th 2019

At Tante Nino, Rotterdam, NL.

Multidisciplinary and international cooperation of artist who met at Tante Nino.

Started by Carmen, Nino and Laisvie, Saudade is an initiative to create a multidisciplinary project with artist that have a relation with migration / saudade. The idea is to work without hierarchy, to start a dialogue between different disciplines and also to be in the skin of each-other. Working without one director or project coach, participating in different rolls, using ideas from all of us (autobiographic methods of creation). Every idea is being listened to, enjoying this nice horizontal environment. Constructing collectively.


Laisvie Ochoa (Colombia/Lithuania) - Dance & video

Ewa Sikorska (Poland) - Dance

Clara Rivière (Spain) - Cello

Carmen Terol Grau (Spain) - Flute

Robin Eggers (Germany / UK) - Percussion

Haike Stollbrock (Colombia/Germany) - Chinese pole

Renzo Navone (Uruguay) - Guitar and technique

Lucho Smit (Dutch, living in France) - Director / coach

Tante Nino (Georgia, living in Rotterdam) - Productio



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