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IRA - Creation in Colombia

During the summer of 2021 I was in Bogota creating a dance piece for my inclusive dance company ConCuerpos, Take a look at the beautiful documentary that Camila Malaver did about this process.

IRA is a triptych-like dance work that addresses the issue of anger as a feeling that arises in the face of injustice and that has the potential to instigate social change. I directed one of the pieces of IRA, inspired by the historic event of El Bogotazo (April 9, 1948), where collective anger spread throughout Colombia. I was interested in inquiring about the place of anger in the sentimental configuration of Colombian identity. Is the fire started in El Bogotazo still burning on our skin? Is violence still the response from Government to social protest?

I used the photo and radio documentation of this event as inspiration to translate memory into space and text into dance.


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