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As director of the Contemporary dance group of  Javeriana University in Bogota 


Somos de Todo 2016

Somos de Todo (We are everything)  reflects on the physical sensations and emotions caused by the transit through various spaces in Bogota. Thus, the discomfort, the agitation, the affection, the anger, the tranquility, are exposed as effects of that passage from the chaotic to the harmonic that occurs in a vertiginous and constant way in this city. In this piece, diverse approaches to contemporary dance come together, such as contact, vibrational movement, floor work and some narrative games in which the voice also participates in the dance.


Dir:. Laisvie Andrea Ochoa.

Performers: Felipe León, Lorena Cala, Margarita Gómez, Tanit Barragán, Verónica Toro.


Tres 2015

1, 2, 3, 4 all these numbers I know. 

Volúmen Alto 2014

(Loud volume)

How does it feel to be on your 20´s?

Pigmentacion Piece 2013

What happens if we combine all these colours two by two?

Selva Sin Olor 2012

Obra inspirada en el libro El país de la Canela

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LAISVIE somos de todo03
LAISVIE somos de todo02
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