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Intensamente 2020

Telematic Dance

Choreographer: Brigitte Potente / Andrés Lagos (Colombia)
Video artist: Laisvie Andrea Ochoa (Colombia - The Netherlands)

Francis Elizabeth Muñoz Martínez (Venezuela)
Giovanna Carimati Argentina)
David Bernal (Colombia)
Sâmia Queiroz de Paula (Brazil)
Rebeca Estéfano (Venezuela)
Liza Taylor (Argentina)
Sandré Bajac (Perú)
Adela Secall Corvalan (Chile)
Candelaria Iocco (Argentina)

Music: René Moreno (Colombia)
Otra música:“Intensamente” por Sâmia Queiroz and   "Ocean Surf" (Public Domain)

Worke developed during the IIII Latin American Gathering of Dance and Inclusion organized by MICA (Argentina)




The format of this work is unique: it is a real-time transmission of a video call that includes dancers moving at the same time in different Latin American countries. Dancers with and without disabilities from Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and Peru. The work incorporates audio description and subtitles within its language to make it accessible.

The work started from the question, is there love in the telematic embrace?, and it became the way that these artists found to be together in time, support each other and create in a situation of physical distancing. Working using a video call allowed them to transcend borders and connect throughout Latin America, in addition to exploring this innovative multimedia format. Therefore, it is a creation that cannot be located in one place in the world and that blurs the boundaries between live performance and video dance.
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